About Us

Established Designs is an innovative Building Design firm located in North Brisbane, Queensland. Servicing the residential and small commercial industry our work includes varied projects from small residential alterations or additions right up to small commercial and industrial buildings. 

We are committed to achieving your satisfaction through innovative, practical and cost effective design solutions that incorporate environmental and sustainable building principles. We work with you to achieve your desired outcomes and establish great spaces. Our point of difference is really the way we deal with our clients. We work with people, we build positive relationships and always desire the outcome to be as stress free and enjoyable as possible. As part of this stress reduction we maintain working relationships with exceptional people in all facets of the construction industry so as to provide a one-stop-shop and complete solution to the entirety of your project.

Please feel free to explore the rest of the website and get to know a little more about us or get in touch to begin establishing your project.

Why Choose Us?

1Honesty. Lets be blunt, there are times when the best option for you and your project may not mean an income for us. We are one of the relatively few who will be honest and up front through all aspects of our engagement, we make sure that before you commit you know that the project is feasible, you have all the facts and know all the fees. As you will see we are more concerned about the people we work with and great relationships than an immediate dollar made.

2Quality. We don't do dodgy, we don't do half hearted. Skipping corners and making mistakes is not our business. Pride in the quality of our work from start to finish including dealings with clients, suppliers, contractors and all involved is a key aspect of our service. The result being an enjoyable and smooth process for all and reduction in mistakes, revisions and variations saving you stress, time and money.

3Practicality. We are well aware that 100k doesn't actually mean 500k! For the majority the budget is the start and end of a project meaning designing the most grand structure in the world is useless if its purpose is not met, it cannot physically be built or it is unaffordable. We understand how big of an investment and just how important this project is for you, we treat it as if it were our own and we use practicality and balance in all our work.