A well designed building will fulfill its function, present beauty in form and define comfortable, enjoyable spaces. To achieve such an effect, focus needs to be placed in the initial design of any space, this is of crucial importance. The time and effort spent in this stage will be the difference between 'just another place' and 'wow, I love this place.'

At Established Designs we don't do generic buy off the plan homes, we believe each site and project must be treated as an individual. Each site has its own features of beauty, natural and existing assets, design and construction challenges, orientation and character. All such features need to be taken into account in designing any project. We are committed to achieving your satisfaction through innovative, practical and cost effective design solutions that incorporate environmental and sustainable design principles.

Our design philosophy, process and outcomes could be described in one or two words: balance and harmony. The above description gives insight into that balance and harmony between honouring existing and expounding new, between accepting and enhancing surroundings and boldly standing out, between beauty in form and practicality in function.

To discuss more of these factors or the process involved in designing your next project please feel free to contact us via the details below.