Established Designs believe strongly in the constant pursuit and application of knowledge in our practice. This means whether designing, drafting or planning a project you will be receiving the highest standard of service. This also means our team is never static, ever growing and changing to ensure we are at the forefront of our industry.

While many organisations see this solely as building their own capabilities, we see opportunity to grow those around us; our clients, consultants, future designers and the general public. We take the lead of our Director and Principal Designer, Todd Ryan. Todd has been a University and TAFE Lecturer for over 5.5 years, the last 2.5 of such as the Architectural Studies Manager at TAFE Brisbane. Todd puts into practice these beliefs with true intent to educate himself and others for the betterment of all involved. Don't be surprised when we engage in real discussion to truly understand what you intend to achieve through your project. Expect to learn about planning, design, construction, sustainability and how you can gain far more than a 'set of plans for a building'. These things aren't at additional cost, this is just what we do and who we are. 

We might suggest that your only loss would be not partnering with us to establish your next project.